Targeting Mitochondria 2024 Agenda

Day 1 - Tuesday, October 28, 2024

WMS Workshop 2024:

Mitochondrial Innovations Workshop: Bridging Theory and Practice

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Day 2 - Tuesday, October 29, 2024

Keynote Presentation:
The Mitochondrial Kingdom: Historical Moments, Evolutionary Insights, Current Understanding and Future Projections 

Session 1: Mitochondrial Biodynamics in Health and Diseases: Mechanistic and Perspectives

  • Targeting Mitochondrial Mitophagy and Biogenesis
  • Mitochondria and Cancer: Emerging Insights
  • Mitochondria and Ageing: A Contemporary Analysis
  • Communication between Mitochondria and Host Cells
  • Investigating the Interconnections between Iron, Ferritin and Mitochondria

Session 2: Evaluation and Quality Control of Mitochondrial Function: Hands on Demonstrations

  • Innovations in the Measurement of Mitochondria Functions
  • Real-time Visualization of Mitochondrial Behavior in vivo
  • New Mitochondrial Monitoring Devices and Sensors
  • Quality Control Mechanisms in Mitochondrial Processes

Day 3 - Wednesday, October 30, 2024

Session 3: 15th World Mitochondria Society Meeting: Emerging Trends and Strategies in Mitochondria Research

  • Exosomes and Extracellular Vesicles: Effects on Mitochondrial Signaling Pathways
  • Integrating Artificial Intelligence in Mitochondrial Research
  • The Mitochondria-Microbiota Interplay
  • Mitochondria and Photomedicine: An Update
  • Mitochondria & Chinese Medicine: A Consideration?
  • Targeting Mitochondria with New Drugs

Session 4: Mitochondrial Medicine 2024: From Bench to Bedside

  • Mitochondria Transplantation
  • Mitochondrial Transfer & Tunneling Nanotubes (TNTs)
  • Pharmaceutical Approaches
  • New Clinical Studies Targeting Mitochondria from Industry and Academic Researchers

Targeting Mitochondria 2024 Concluding Remarks & Awards

Mitochondria in the Press & Media


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