World Mitochondria Society 2024 Keynote Speaker Day 1: Prof. Eric Schon

Eric SchonWMS is happy to welcome Prof. Eric Schon from Columbia University, USA, as a keynote speaker on Day 1 of Targeting Mitochondria 2024 in Berlin this October. 

Prof. Schon will deliver a presentation titled "Mitochondria in Alzheimer disease: it's not what you think"

The dominant hypothesis of Alzheimer disease (AD) pathogenesis invokes the accumulation of a cleavage product of the amyloid precursor protein (APP), called beta-amyloid, as the driver of pathogenesis. However, the poor track record of clinical trials based on this hypothesis suggests that other causes likely underlie the disease. We propose an alternative hypothesis in which a different APP cleavage product, called C99, is the main culprit, via its role as a regulator of cellular cholesterol metabolism. In AD, both C99 production and cellular cholesterol levels are increased well above normal levels, resulting in essentially all of the biochemical and clinical features of the disease. From this perspective, AD is, at bottom, a lipid disorder.

About Eric Schon

Eric Schon, a professor of Neurology and Genetics, has focused on the intricacies of mitochondrial genetics, highlighting their unique semi-autonomous nature governed by both nuclear and mitochondrial DNA. Mitochondria, once bacteria, contribute to cellular energy production through oxidative phosphorylation. Schon's research explores various inherited and sporadic mitochondrial disorders, employing innovative techniques like cytoplasmic hybrids. Recently, his focus shifted to Alzheimer's disease, uncovering heightened ER-mitochondrial communication as a potential key player in its pathogenesis, offering insights into diagnosis and treatment.

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