Targeting Mitochondria 2023 - Aims & Strategies

Welcome to the Targeting Mitochondria Conference!

We are delighted to announce the organization of the 14th Edition of the highly anticipated Targeting Mitochondria Congress, which will be held on October 11-13, 2023, in Berlin, Germany. As the mitochondria continue to captivate the scientific community with their pivotal role in health and disease, this conference serves as a premier platform for cutting-edge discussions, knowledge exchange, and collaboration between esteemed researchers, healthcare professionals, and industry experts from around the world.

Mitochondria, often referred to as the "powerhouses of the cell," have long been recognized for their vital role in energy production. However, recent breakthroughs have unveiled their profound involvement in a myriad of cellular processes, including metabolism, aging, neurodegenerative diseases, cancer, and beyond. Harnessing this newfound understanding, researchers and medical professionals are now exploring innovative strategies to target mitochondria, aiming to unravel novel therapeutic interventions that hold immense promise for human health and well-being.

The Targeting Mitochondria 2023 Congress aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the latest advancements, challenges, and potential opportunities in the field of mitochondrial research. By covering diverse topics ranging from biodynamics and longevity to environmental factors and pharmaceutical innovations, the congress offers a platform for scientists, researchers, and experts to exchange knowledge and collaborate in advancing our understanding of mitochondria and its significance in various aspects of health and disease.

Among the sessions that will be covered: 

  • Mitochondrial Biodynamics: Standpoint 2023
  • Mitochondria & Longevity: Towards Expanding Life Span
  • Novel Advances in Mitochondria Quality Assessment
  • Mitochondria & Our Changing Environment
  • Pharmaceutical & Non-Pharmaceutical Mitochondria-Based Innovations
  • Mitochondria, Microgravity & Space Travel – A glance into the future

More about the sessions. 

The Targeting Mitochondria Congress is designed to foster a vibrant atmosphere of scientific exploration and collaboration, where experts from diverse disciplines can convene, exchange ideas, and forge valuable connections. Our distinguished lineup of speakers comprises world-renowned scientists, clinicians, and industry leaders who are at the forefront of mitochondrial research, providing unique insights and breakthrough discoveries. From fundamental aspects to clinical applications, the conference will span a wide range of topics, enabling participants to gain a comprehensive understanding of the latest advancements in the field.

Join us at the 14th World Congress on Targeting Mitochondria to unlock the mysteries of these extraordinary organelles, delve into groundbreaking research, and contribute to the collective effort of revolutionizing healthcare through mitochondrial targeting. Together, let us illuminate the path towards innovative therapeutic strategies and redefine the possibilities for human health.

We look forward to welcoming you to this remarkable event!


Prof. Volkmar WeissigProf. Volkmar Weissig
President of the World Mitochondria Society
Midwestern University, USA