Speakers of Targeting Mitochondria 2020

Mitochondria-Speakers-weissigWelcome Note & Introduction Remarks
Volkmar Weissig
, President of the World Mitochondria Society, Midwestern University, USA

Mitochondria-Speaker Nils-Göran LarssonFBXL4 Deficiency leads to increased clearance of Mitochondria
Nils-Göran Larsson,
Karolinska Institutet, Sweden

Benedict-C.-Albens-Mitochondria-2020-congressRoles for mitochondrial dysfunction in Alzheimer’s disease
Benedict C. Albensi, Max Rady College of Medicine - University of Manitoba, Canada 
Mitochondria-Speakers Franck Norbert GellerichControl of cellular bioenergetics by cytosolic calcium
Franck Norbert Gellerich, Otto-von-Guericke University, Germany


The Cell-free respiratory competent mitochondria in blood: Strategic role and application
Alain Thierry, Montpellier Cancer Research Institute, INSERM, France

Mitochondria-Speakers-Naig-Gueguen-v1Mitochondria devices: New methods to detect mitochondria dysfunction
Naïg Gueguen,  MitoVasc Institute, Angers University Hospital Center, France

Mitochondria Speakers Csaba SzaboDown Syndrome: Role of hydrogen sulfide overproduction in the pathogenesis of mitochondrial dysfunction
Csaba Szabo, Université de Fribourg, Switzerland
Mitochondria-Speakers-Don-MahadEnhanced axonal response of mitochondria to demyelination offers neuroprotection: implications for multiple sclerosis
Don Mahad, University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom


Mitochondrial dysfunction in autism is distinct from mitochondrial disease
Richard E. Frye, Phoenix Children's Hospital, USA


Targeting-mitochondria-2020-marvin-edeasMitochondria and microbiota dysfunction in COVID-19 pathogenesis
Marvin Edeas,
University Paris Descartes, Inserm 1016, Institute Cochin, France

Mitochondria-Speakers-Ming-Guo Neurodegeneration and mitochondria
Ming Guo, UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine, USA

Mitochondria-Speakers-Eric-Barrey-V1Variety of non-coding RNA imported and encoded in mitochondria
Eric Barrey
, University Paris-Saclay, INRAE, AgroParisTech, France



Molecular mechanisms of ncRNAs transport into mitochondria: emerging approaches and potential gene therapy applications
Nina Entelis, UNISTRA, France


Long non-coding RNA SAMMSON and beyond: Uncoupling cytosolic and mitochondrial-translation as an effective anti-melanoma strategy
Eleonora Leucci, Laboratory for RNA Cancer Biology, Department of Oncology, KU Leuven, Belgium


Targeting long non-coding mitochondrial RNA for cancer therapy
Veronica Burzio, Universidad Andrés Bello, Fundación Ciencia & Vida, Andes Biotechnologies, Republic of Chile


Round table: Prospective on other mitochondrial gene therapies
moderated by Ivan Tarassov, UNISTRA, Strasbourg, France

Mitochondria-Speakers-Sophia-zilberMitochondrial disease community registry (MDCR): Perspectives from patients and families, lessons learned from the data
Sophia Zilber, Boston, USA

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