Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Autism is Distinct from Mitochondrial Disease

Mitochondria-Speakers-Richard-E.-Frye-v1The Organizing Committee of Targeting Mitochondria 2020 is honored to announce the participation of Prof. Richard E. Frye from Phoenix Children's Hospital, USA.

During the congress, Prof. Frye will give a strategic talk entitled "Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Autism is Distinct from Mitochondrial Disease".

Summary of the talk: Several lines of evidence suggest that mitochondrial function is not normal in many individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder. However, the patterns of abnormalities found are unlike those seen in classic mitochondrial disease and include unique changes in electron transport chain activity, fatty acid metabolism and regulation of oxidative stress. This talk presents data that suggest that these unique abnormalities are a product of long-term metaplasticity adaptations resulting from exposure to extrinsic or intrinsic physiological stressors such as environmental exposures, microbiome alterations, nutrient deficiencies and/or inflammatory events.


Targeting Mitochondria 2020 Congress
October 29-30, 2020 - Berlin, Germany