Reversing wrinkled skin and lost hair in mice by restoring mitochondrial function

Keshav Singh-Targeting-Mitochondria-2018-updatedProf. Keshav K. Singh from University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA will join the 9th World congress on Targeting Mitochondria which will be held in Berlin, in October 23-25, 2018 and give presentation entitled "Reversing wrinkled skin and lost hair in mice by restoring mitochondrial function".

Summary of presentation: "Our studies show that ubiquitous mitochondrial dysfunction in mice leads to predominant and profound effects on the skin resulting in wrinkles and visual hair loss with an increased number of dysfunctional hair follicles and inflammatory responses. Development of skin wrinkle was associated with the significant epidermal hyperplasia, hyperkeratosis, increased expression of matrix metalloproteinases and decreased expression of matrix metalloproteinase inhibitor. Surprisingly restoring mitochondrial function in mice reversed skin to normal and restored hair. To our knowledge that restoration of mitochondrial functions can reverse the skin and hair pathology is unprecedented."

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