Targeting Mitochondria World Congress 2016 was a huge success

Targeting-Mitochondria-2016-Group-PictureThe 7th World Congress on Targeting Mitochondria chaired by Prof. Volkmar Weissig and Prof. Marvin Edeas was organized in Berlin on October 24-26, 2016. This seventh edition was again a huge success and gathered more than 350 attendees, academics, industrials and start-ups during three days, representing more than 27 countries.

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The scientific committee of Targeting Mitochondria 2016, chaired by Prof. Marvin Edeas and Prof. Volkmar Weissig, validated more than 170 communications (oral and poster) which have highlighted the recent scientic advances on mitochondria and all related researches such as the methods to evaluate mitochondria function/dysfunction, but also new strategies to target the mitochondria. To access to the final program of the congress, please follow this link.

Pr Volkmar Weissig, regular President of the World Mitochondria Society, commented: “As President of the WMS I am extremely happy about the success of our 7th World Conference on Targeting Mitochondria. I would like to personally thank the organizing team for the excellent work they have done in planning and setting up this conference. Of course, any conference is just as good as its participants. Therefore I sincerely thank all invited speakers, all presenters of short oral communications and all poster presenters for their excellent contributions. I also would like to thank all other attendees for participating in our conference. Our conference series has over the last years significantly grown with respect to the number of registrations. With over 310 participants from almost all continents we have set a new a record. I believe our conference series has established itself as a major event in the international “mitochondrial landscape”. If I may say so, mitochondria have found a home in Berlin! With excitement I am already looking forward to the 8th edition next year and I sincerely hope to see most if not all of you again one year from now.”

From his side, Prof Marvin Edeas, chairman of the scientific committee and founder of WMS commented: "The world of mitochondria is "hyper-dynamic". Mitochondria is a very dynamic organelle, it moves, oscillates and communicates with cells and in particular with microbiota. We need to re-design a "dynamic" strategy to target mitochondria in all its dimensions. This strategy must integrate all factors and actors (microbiota).
Again, I believe that mitochondria-microbiota inter-talk is one of the perfect target to highlight."

To conclude this three-day meeting, Prof. Edeas and Prof. Weissig, on behalf of the scientific committee, awarded two scientists for their research:

Daniel Schniertshauer Award Targeting Mitochondria 2016

Daniel Schniertshauer from the Albstadt-Sigmaringen University of Applied Sciences, Germany for his poster presentation about "Accelerated Regeneration of ATP Level after Irradiation in Human Skin Fibroblasts by Coenzyme Q10". 

For more information about this award, please click here.

Francois-Mouton-Liger Award Targeting Mitochondria 2016

François Mouton-Liger from the ICM - Brain & Spine Institute, France for his short oral presentation about "Role of Parkin in innate immunity: crosstalk between mitochondrial dysfunction and NLRP3 inflammasome signaling".

For more information about this award, please click here.


To access to the final agenda of the Targeting Mitochondria 2016, please click here.

If you have not participated to the congress, you can order the abstracts book which contains all the abstracts presented during the congress as oral and poster presentations. To order the PDF version of the abstracts book, please click here.

We will inform you very soon concerning Targeting Mitochondria 2017.

Volkmar Weissig
President of the World Mitochondria Society

Marvin Edeas
Founder of the World Mitochondria Society

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