Winners of the Best Mitochondria Image 2021


The winners of the Best Mitochondria Image 2021 have been chosen.

1st Place Winner - Midnight Mitochondrial Ghost

Midnight Mitochondrial Ghost

Adelheid Weidinger, from the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Traumatology, Austria

Midnight Mitochondrial GhostHuman amniotic epithelial cells incubated with Fe-nanoclusters

2nd Place Winner - A Gift

A Gift

Bianka Porubská, from Charles University, Prague


A Gift: Sertoli cell transferig MitoTrackerCMXROS (red) mitochondria to immune cell (CD45, green), Nuclei DAPI (blue)



3rd Place Winner - Mito-Tree


Simon Licht-Mayer, from the Institute for Molecular Biotechnology, Austria


Mito-Tree: Live image of the mitochondrial network in a Purkinje cell, including the cell body, axon and huge dendritic tree.

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