2-Deoxy-D-glucose couples mitochondrial DNA replication with mitochondrial fitness

Dr. Ian J. Holt.Dr. Ian J. Holt, from the Biodonostia Health Research Institute, Spain will join us this year to present his most recent findings on "2-Deoxy-D-glucose couples mitochondrial DNA replication with mitochondrial fitness".

Ever since mutant mitochondrial DNA was discovered to cause human diseases researchers have sought to understand how defective mitochondria evade natural selection, and to find ways to combat them. Most mutant mitochondrial DNA variants cause disease only when they account for substantially more than half the total population of molecules, and so decreasing the level of the mutants by a small amount can produce dramatic improvements in mitochondrial function.

Dr. Holt discovered that the replication of mutant mitochondrial DNA is equal to that of wild-type molecules when nutrients are plentiful; however, nutrient restriction inhibits the replication of mutant mtDNA. Using small molecules that limit nutrient consumption he then decreased the mutant load in cells of patients with mitochondrial DNA disease.

These findings indicate the parasitic nature of mitochondria with mutant mtDNA and identify a highly promising therapeutic strategy that we are advancing towards the clinic.

Targeting Mitochondria 2022 Congress
October 26-28, 2022 - Berlin, Germany 

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