World Mitochondria Society awarded Nanolive for their New Technology in the Visualisation of Mitochondria

World Mitochondria Society is honored to award Nanolive for their new technology, the Holotomographic Phase Imaging or Short Nanolive Imaging, presented during Targeting Mitochondria 2019, which was held in Berlin, Germany. 




The Nanolive Imaging allows the visualization of Mitochondria without any staining or labeling, it requires ~ 100 times less energy than light-sheet microscopes. Moreover, with a resolution below 200 nm, it enables high resolution and high-frequency imaging even with sensitive material, giving access to organelle dynamics that were previously out of reach.

The Scientific Committee would like to thank Dr. Jamin Jung for his excellent talk on the non-invasive live cell imaging overcomes phototoxicity problem while imaging cellular and mitochondrial processes, presented during Targeting Mitochondria 2019.

Testimonial of Marlies Muernseer, Field Application Specialist, from Nanolive:
"The Targeting Mitochondria Conference 2019 was an excellent venue and allowed us to interact with scientists from around the world and discuss Nanolive’s imaging techniques to image mitochondria fine dynamics. The large amount of interesting talks covered the whole field and gave deep insights into upcoming and unpublished facets of cutting-edge research. We want to thank for the excellent organisation and venue."

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