The Poster Contribution Award was delivered to Prof. Bing Xu


During the Targeting Mitochondria 2019 congress, which was held in Berlin, Germany, the Scientific Committee awarded Prof. Bing Xu, from Brandeis University, USA, for his Poster Contribution entitled "Enzyme-instructed self-assembly for selectively transfecting the mitochondria of cancer cells

The research work presented by his poster contribution offers a versatile and robust strategy for transfecting mammalian mitochondria and understanding mitochondrial cancer biology, illustrating spatiotemporal control of noncovalent (or supramolecular) interactions for regulating functions in different cell.

 Testimonial of Prof. Xu
" I am a chemist who has a lab working on enzyme-instructed self-assembly (EISA) for cancer therapy. Because our results unexpected lead to mitochondria targeting, I came to 10th Targeting Mitochondria Congress to learn from the pioneers and leading experts in the field of mitochondria targeting. This meeting mixed the talks of leading experts in academia, clinics, and industries highlighted the cutting-edge progress. The short presentations also provided a comprehensive range of research activities. The poster sessions are well-organized and informative.  I have learned so much from these two day’s meeting, which is what I expected. But the poster award to us is unexpected. I am very grateful for the encouragement by the meeting organizing committee. The credit should go to my PhD student, Mr. Hongjian He, who did all the work"

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