Prof. Carsten Culmsee, Magburg University, Germany, awarded by the World Mitochondria Society

 Prof. Carsten Culmsee

World MitochondriSociety is honored to announce the winner of the award for his exceptional scientific contribution for the year 2019, Prof. Carsten Culmsee,  from the Magburg University, Germany. 

Prof. Culmsee gave an excellent communication during the 10th World Congress on Targeting Mitochondria 2019, which was held in Berlin, Germany, about the role of actin-regulating proteins on mitochondria

During Targeting Mitochondria 2019, Prof. Culmsee presented new data on the key role of actin-regulating proteins on mitochondrial integrity and function in health and disease of the nervous system and the heart. Also, his talk shows an involvement of mitochondria damage in iron-dependent regulated oxidative cell death called ferroptosis that has been identified in several different organs and tissues, including the nervous system. 

 Carsten Culmsee

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