Symposium Actin(g) on mitochondria: The role of actin-regulating proteins on mitochondria in health and disease

Symposium Acting on mitochondria- The role of actin-regulating proteins on mitochondria in health and disease


During WMS 2019 Meeting a symposium will be dedicated to Mitochondria Network Consortium on aspects of actin-regulating proteins, regulating mitochondrial function and/or survival signaling, ER-connections and Calcium-signaling in neurons, in the heart and in C. elegans.

Culmsee Mitochondria-SpeakersThis symposium will be chaired by Prof. Carsten Culmsee, University of Marburg, Germany.

Introduction: Role of actin-regulating proteins on mitochondria
Cartrsten Culmsee,
University of Marburg, Germany


Role of Mitochondria in Ferroptosis
Minghui Gao, University of Harbin, China

Mitochondrial Functions of The Actin-Regulatory Protein Cofilin1
Marco Rust, University of Marburg, Germany

Cofilin Dependent Mitochondrial Dysfunction Following Hemorrhagic Brain Injury and Neuroinflammation
Zahoor Shah, University of Toledo, USA

Mitochondrial Pathways in Neuronal Cell Death
Changlian Zhu, Zhengzhou University, China

Knock-down of ADF/Cofilin in C. Elegans - Effects on Mitochondrial Function

Gunter Eckert, University of Giessen, Germany

Mitochondrial Parameters in Cardiomyocytes in Health and Disease
Christoph Maack, University Hospital Würzburg, Germany

Mitochondrial Calcium Regulation in Hypertensive Heart Disease

Jelena Plakic & Jens Kockskämper, University of Marburg, Germany

Mitochondrial Alterations in Heart Failure

Susanne Rohrbach, University of Giessen, Germany

Blocking Mitochondria-targeted Ferroptosis Prevents Cardiomyopathy

Fudi Wang, University School of Medicine, China


10th Anniversary of Targeting Mitochondria Congress
October 28-29, 2019 - Berlin, Germany

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