The cellular stress protein MNRR1/CHCHD2 and mitochondrial disease

lawrence-grossman Targeting Mitochondria 2019

Prof. Lawrence Grossman from Wayne State University, USA will join the Targeting Mitochondria 2019 congress and will give a talk entitled "The cellular stress protein MNRR1/CHCHD2 and mitochondrial disease".

Summary of talk: MNRR1 is a key mitochondrial stress regulator with the novel property of functioning in both the nucleus and the mitochondria yet having a different function in each organelle. Because cellular depletion of MNRR1 results in a phenocopy of some mitochondrial diseases, we investigated whether manipulating MNRR1 expression could reverse the cellular defects associated with them. Notably, in a model of the mitochondrial disease MELAS we could restore abnormal cellular functions by forced expression of MNRR1 or by its activation.

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