Mitochondrial Antioxidant Therapy for Treating Vascular Aging

Douglas-R-Seals Mitochondria-2019

Prof. Seals will give a strategic talk on "Mitochondrial Antioxidant Therapy for Treating Vascular Aging".

The Scientific Committee of Targeting Mitochondria 2019 Congress is honored to announce Prof. Douglas R Seals from University of Colorado Boulder, USA will be joining us for our 10th Anniversary Edition of Targeting Mitochondria World Congress, which will be held in Berlin on October 28th-29th, 2019.

Summary of the Talk:  Arterial dysfunction is the major risk factor driving the dramatic increase in risk of cardiovascular diseases with aging.  Excessive superoxide production by mitochondria is a key mechanism underlying age-related vascular dysfunction and, as such, is a major therapeutic target for prevention of cardiovascular disorders.  I will discuss our translational research efforts to establish the efficacy of the mitochondrial antioxidant, MitoQ, for the treatment of arterial dysfunction with aging.

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