Cytoskeletal mitochondrial interactions in collagen VI related disorders

Alessia Angelin Mitochondria-SpeakersThe Scientific Committee of WMS is honored to announce that Dr. Alessia Angelin from Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, USA will be joining us for our 10th Anniversary Edition of Targeting Mitochondria World Congress, which will be held in Berlin on October 28th-29th, 2019.

During the Congress Dr. Angelin will speak about "Cytoskeletal mitochondrial interactions in collagen VI related disorders".

Summary of presentation:"Mitochondria are prominent players in cell energy conversion, integrated signaling pathways, calcium homeostasis and regulation of apoptosis. Their functional versatility is matched by their morphological plasticity and by their high mobility, allowing their transport to specialized cellular sites. This transport occurs through interactions with a variety of cytoskeletal proteins that also influence shape and function of this organelle. Our study focuses on the correlation between mitochondrial function and cytoskeleton structure. We found that improper cytoskeleton filament organization appears to connect the altered extracellular matrix with the mitochondrial dysfunction in collagen VI related disorders, and thus may present a new target for pharmacological therapy of these disorders and other human muscular dystrophies".


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