Selective segregation of mitochondria in asymmetric stem cell divisions

Pekka-Katajisto Targeting Mitochondria 2019The Scientific Committee of WMS is honored to announce that Assoc. Prof. Pekka Katajisto, Associate Professor in Karolinska Institutet and University of Helsinki, Finland, as well as Director of the Center of Excellence in Stem Cell Metabolism, will be joining us for our 10th Anniversary Edition of Targeting Mitochondria World Congress, which will be held in Berlin on October 28th-29th, 2019.

In his presentation entitled "Selective segregation of mitochondria in asymmetric stem cell divisions", Dr. Pekka Katajisto will share with us his studies that could be introduced as such: "Tissue resident stem cells renew and repair our tissues. However, in order to secure tissue homeostasis, generation of new stem cells via self-renewal and their differentiation in to functional cells must be carefully balanced. During aging, multiple types of alterations directly in stem cells, or in their tissue neighbourhood can disturb this balance. Our laboratory studies both stem cell intrinsic, and extrinsic mechanisms altering tissue renewal capacity."

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