Dr. Ian Holt was Discerned the Best Scientific Award 2022

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The World Mitochondria Society awarded Dr. Ian J. Holt, Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria Biodonostia, Spain for his scientific contribution 2-Deoxy-D-Glucose Couples Mitochondrial DNA Replication with Mitochondrial Fitness.

Dr. Holt shared his future goals with the scoentific committee: "Continuing the collaboration with Professor Spinazzola (University College London), we have developed comprehensive future plans, which have attracted new funding".

Dr. Holt's future plans include: 

  • launching the first clinical trial of 2DG late in 2023 in patients carrying the m.3243A>G mutation; 
  • testing 2DG against other heteroplasmic variants, including in a heteroplasmic mouse model (m.5024C>T)
  • assessing the effect of the compound on other cell types; and finally
  • elucidating further how nutrient and metabolite availability affect mitochondrial DNA replication and selection. 

 Dr. Holt stated: "These are exciting times for us and we hope to be able to share our substantial progress with you next year."

In case you missed Targeting Microbiota 2022 meeting, you can demand for the recordings/abstract book access.

 Listen to Dr. Holt's Talk

Targeting Mitochondria 2022 Congress
October 26-28, 2022 - Berlin, Germany 

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