Autologous Mitochondrial Transplant for Cerebral Ischemia

Mitochondria 2022 Dr. Melanie WalkerDr. Melanie Walker from the University of Washington Medical School, USA,  will join us this year to present her most recent findings on "Autologous Mitochondrial Transplant for Cerebral Ischemia".

Stroke is one of the leading causes of morbidity and mortality worldwide. More than 80% of strokes are the result of ischemia caused by blockage of one or more cerebral arteries. Lack of blood supply starves brain cells of necessary glucose and oxygen, and disturbs cellular homeostasis, eventually resulting in neuronal death. Based on many preclinical studies in animals, damage caused by ischemia can be reversed after infusing healthy mitochondria into injured tissues. An ongoing clinical trial in human hearts at Boston Children's Hospital has also demonstrated that transplanting autologous mitochondria via infusion or direct injection is well-tolerated and safe.

Dr. Walker and her clinical research team are currently recruiting for a first-in-human-brain trial to assess the safety of mitochondrial transplantation for ischemic-reperfusion injury in the brain. She will discuss their preclinical studies and status of their clinical trial.

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