Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Cell Senescence and Aging


Mechanisms that can cause mitochondrial dysfunction.

News Release, World Mitochondria Society, Berlin - Germany – January 30, 2023

Mitochondrial dysfunction and cell senescence are hallmarks of aging and are closely interconnected. Mitochondrial dysfunction, operationally defined as a decreased respiratory capacity per mitochondrion together with a decreased mitochondrial membrane potential, typically accompanied by increased production of oxygen free radicals, is a cause and a consequence of cellular senescence and figures prominently in multiple feedback loops that induce and maintain the senescent phenotype.

Here, Miwa et al. summarized pathways that cause mitochondrial dysfunction in senescence and aging and discussed the major consequences of mitochondrial dysfunction and how these consequences contribute to senescence and aging. They also highlighted the potential of senescence-associated mitochondrial dysfunction as an antiaging and antisenescence intervention target, proposing the combination of multiple interventions converging onto mitochondrial dysfunction as novel, potent senolytics.

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