Deciphering strategic interactions between mitochondrial and nuclear genome

Targeting Mitochondria 2021 Jose Antonio EnriquezDr. José Antonio Enríquez from Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Cardiovasculares Carlos III, Spain. Dr. Enríquez  will give a presentation entitled "Deciphering strategic interactions between mitochondrial and nuclear genome".

Dr. Enríquez has done probably the most advanced studies on nuclear-mitochondrial interactions and their effect on organisme longevity and health. He focuses on distinct combinations of nuclear and mitochondrial genomes and their effect at the organismal level (lifespan, health condition, predisposition to disease), as well as investigates the underlying mechanism including respiratory complexes and supercomplexes.
Last year he published a seminal paper  in Science Advances showing the dynamics of non-pathogenic heteroplasmy (segregation of one of the two mtDNA genomes in different tissues) and their dependence on OXPHOS performance (PMID: 32832682). See also a recent review (PMID: 33369015) on the interactions between mitochondrial and nuclear genome.

mitochondria figure

Heteroplasmic mouse models harboring in the same cytoplasm, different non‐pathological mtDNA variants‐haplotypes. MtDNA preference is cell‐type‐specific and not tissue‐specific. Also, the metabolic differentiation program determines the preferred mtDNA haplotype and the mtDNA segregation is driven by functional selection and strongly modulated by the crosstalk between the nucleus and mitochondria.  © 2020 The Authors. IUBMB Life



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