Subunit of mitochondria and hypertension control via miRNA: Presentation of the recent studies by Dao Wen Wang

Dr Wang

The scientific committee of the World Mitochondria Society, chaired by Marvin Edeas and Volkmar Weissig, is honoured to welcome Dr  Dao Wen Wang from Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China for the 7th World Congress on Targeting Mitochondria to be held in Berlin on October 24-26, 2016.

Dr Dao Wen Wang will talk about his research of "Subunit of mitochondria and hypertension control via miRNA" and will answer the following questions:

1. It has been widely accepted that miRNAs negatively regulate gene expression in the cytoplasm: why miRNAs positively regulate gene expression in the mitochondria?

2. You suggest that miR-21 lowers blood pressure by regulating mitochondrial gene expression and ROS production. However, a single miRNA has many different targets. It could be the miR-21 which resides in the cytoplasm doing the job instead.

3. MiR-21 has been extensively studied in cardiovascular diseases, silencing of miR-21 has been found to reduce cardiac fibrosis by previous studies, however, in your work, overexpression of miR-21reduces cardiac fibrosis, why?

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Marvin Edeas / Volkmar Weissig / Chairmen of WMS