Welcome to Targeting Mitochondria 2021

On behalf of the Scientific Committee of the World Mitochondria Society (WMS) we are excited to announce that the 12th Conference on Targeting Mitochondria for October 27-29, 2021 will be held as an Interactive Online Congress with live slots where many discussions and networking will unite all speakers, presenters and attendees.

On this occasion I would like to state frankly that the success of our virtual congress exceeded my expectations. From the numerous feedbacks we have received I can conclude that COVID-19 was unable to diminish our enthusiasm for the cell organelle we all revere so much. Even more, the special online format we chose seemed to have provided some unexpected benefits. For example, there was no Session Chair who had to enforce any schedule, which allowed for more extensive discussion sections as appreciated by many of us. Further, the availability of all conference contributions for an extended period of time was certainly also a very valuable feature of our 11th conference. Nevertheless, one of the most important aspects of any scientific meeting was missing, which is the personal interaction with colleagues from around the world, be it in the lecture hall, or during the coffee break or last but not least during our conference dinner. Therefore we all are very much looking forward to the next, the 12th edition of our conference series.

Independent on its format, any conference can only be as good as its speakers and its organizers. Knowing that the Organizing Committee under Prof. Marvin Edeas’ leadership will again excel in setting up the next conference, and knowing that the Scientific Committee will again invite key players in the field of Mitochondrial Medicine I assure anyone who is going to join us in this year's Interactive Online Congress on October 2021 that you won’t be disappointed, excellent interactive platform, again excellent speakers and again an excellent organization!

While we have just started working on the outline of our next conference edition, I believe that the overarching themes of our 12th World Congress on Targeting Mitochondria will not significantly deviate from topics discussed at preceding editions of our conference series. Again, we will focus on three major areas, which are first the role of mitochondrial dysfunction in etiology and pathogenesis of chronic diseases including aging, second how to assess and above all quantify mitochondrial dysfunction in vitro and in vivo and finally, third, how to target and manipulate mitochondrial function in order to develop future mitochondria-based therapies. However, we will also try to further extend the profile and scope of our conference by inviting researchers who have never participated in our meeting before, established and new investigators alike.

Basic scientists working at the bench in the laboratory, physicians treating patients suffering from mitochondrial disorders as well as representatives of companies working on the commercialization of mitochondria-targeted therapies are all welcome to our conference. We strongly believe that our 12th World Congress on Targeting Mitochondria will be at least as exciting and as successful as our virtual 11th conference. Please feel free to contact us at any time for further information and with questions you might have.

All our warmest regards.

Targeting Mitochondria 2021-Volkmar-Weissig    

Prof. Volkmar Weissig
President of the World Mitochondria Society
Midwestern University, USA